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Revolutionizing Workplace Mental Health

Inkblot is Canada’s modern solution to creating more positive and respectful workplaces.

Like an EAP, but better.



Inkblot is available anytime, anywhere and for multiple languages, cultures, and religions.



The most affordable option with bulk purchasing and transferrable sessions.



Your employees recieve detailed reports including return-to-work readiness.

Our Key Services

For the current and next generation of employees, managers and their families. Inkblot promises convenient, immediate, and effective care.

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One-on-One counselling Ink Blot Ink Blot
Family & couples counselling Ink Blot Ink Blot
Small group sessions Ink Blot Ink Blot
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One-on-One Consultations Ink Blot

I found traditional Employee Assistance Programs (“EAP”) failed many of my patients. By leveraging modern technology, we have created a more comprehensive high quality solution that focuses on sick leave prevention, early return to work and relapse prevention.

Dr. Arash Zohoor, Co-Founder & CEO

You have questions, we have answers

Why is Inkblot valuable to my business?

Mental health problems affect 1 in 5 employees yet, more often than not, symptoms go unrecognized. Sufferers are reluctant to seek help, primarily due to stigma and lack of access to care, and over two thirds go untreated. The cost of disability leave from mental illness is double that of leave due to physical illness with the average employee losing the equivalent of 25 days per year. The entire company and its productivity are impacted.

If implemented effectively, mental health promotion, prevention & early intervention will address these issues.

The Inkblot Comprehensive Mental Health Package provides your employees access to expert led interactive seminars, on-site workshops, and video counselling in the form of small group and one-on-one sessions.

As well as promoting mental wellness and educating the workplace about the importance of mental health, Inkblot allows employees to access help quickly, enabling them to address issues that surface before they start to significantly impact their well-being.

Who is affected by mental health issues and how are they treated?

Mental health issues affect all of us and influence the way we think about ourselves, relate to others, and interact with the world around us. They affect our thoughts, feelings, abilities and behaviours, and are more likely to come up during times of stress or uncertainty, which are an inevitable part of life. When we experience mental health issues, our overall functioning is low, and all aspects of our lives, including our work, are affected in negative ways.

Fortunately, psychotherapy (or counselling) is the best way to address these issues and with Inkblot video counselling, sessions take place at home or a quiet space at work. Inkblot matches you with a certified counsellor based on your needs and preferences. No referral is necessary, you can just sign up and book an appointment online.

Many people are not able to talk about their mental health problems because they worry about being judged. By offering Inkblot to your employees, you’re helping remove the stigma around these issues and encouraging them to be proactive about their mental and emotional well-being.

Psychotherapy is not just for treating mental health issues, it’s also a form of self-care - a way to improve and maintain your mental wellness.

What topics does Inkblot cover in their seminars and workshops?

As part of our subscription package, we provide bi-weekly online seminars, which feature engaging break-out groups. We also provide regular on-site workshops led by experts in the field.

We customize topics most pertinent to a given workplace such as work/life balance, burnout, interpersonal communication, alcohol/substance abuse, and focus on sick leave prevention.

We also hold seminars and workshops for managers based on their needs and to help them identify and handle mental health issues in the workplace.

How does Inkblot differ from traditional Employee Assistance Programs?

Workplace benefits and traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are not always helpful in managing employees’ mental health difficulties. Most EAP companies depend on low utilization rates and generally outsource the majority of their clinical services to the lowest priced agencies who in turn use inexperienced counsellors.

In addition, the current pricing structure de-incentivizes early intervention, high-quality treatment, and relapse prevention. Instead of competing on metrics of employee wellness and improved outcomes, the focus has been on the diversity of services offered and utilization rates which are bolstered by the number of web visits and phone calls.

Given how much employers spend on EAPs and employee mental health, employees deserve far better care, and employers deserve a far better return on investment.

The Inkblot Comprehensive Mental Health Plan is a novel solution that aligns the interests of employers, employees, and healthcare providers, and removes multiple levels of management and overhead found in traditional EAP offerings. We have automated the use of evidence-based quality metrics, which has created a revolutionary, more cost-effective pricing model.

How do I identify mental health issues in the workplace?

Some signs of mental health issues in the workplace are more obvious than others. Here are some problems to look out for:

  • Increased frequency of sick/absent days
  • Loss of motivation, lack of focus, incomplete duties or tasks
  • Irritability, frustration and over-reaction
  • Disorganized, failure to meet deadlines
  • Decreased social interaction and deteriorating relationships
  • Fatigue, tiredness, excessive yawning
  • Sweaty and panicky
  • Need for constant reassurance about performance
  • Need for discipline due to behaviour or other problems
  • Excessive substance/alcohol use

What if we already have benefits for mental health counselling through our insurance plan?

Great! The majority of our counsellors can be covered by private health insurance so you can use your benefits toward Inkblot sessions and since we’re half the cost of the national average for traditional therapy, you’ll get twice the amount of sessions.

If the amount of coverage is not enough, you can add on our package in order to meet employee mental health needs.

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Our Comprehensive Mental Health Solution

With minimal overhead, we offer the highest quality service across Canada at the most affordable price and customize our packages based on your business’ needs.

We are the only provider that has bulk session purchasing that can be shared amongst employees and is transferable between contracts. You only pay for sessions that are used and are effective. Employees who need more help are not restricted. We have the most affordable plan on the market.

Component Description Cost
Subscription to small groups and seminars Includes common topics on a biweekly basis.

Includes customized sessions based on the needs of your business.

For those outside of the plan, cost is $10/month (over 90% discount).
One-on-one sessions & couples counselling Sessions are done in units of 30 minutes. $37.50/thirty minutes

Charged on a pay-for-performance model.

Suggested bulk purchase to be shared by employees.
Marketing material & planning For the service and larger group sessions. Free

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