About Inkblot

Today’s world and modern life are increasingly filled with uncertainty, complicated relationships, and frequent change. It can be an overwhelming and difficult environment to navigate. Often, balancing these competing factors leaves people suffering in silence: feeling empty, withdrawn, and unsettled without sufficient support and help.

At Inkblot, we aim to create a better way.

Some of the best-trained mental health care professionals in the world are located in Canada, but their services and insights are out of reach for most people. There are several key barriers: cost, finding the right counsellor, finding time during the day, and the stigma associated with having difficulty coping.

At Inkblot, we aim to make counselling accessible. We believe that seeking help is the highest form of strength and that when someone asks for help, there should be no barriers.

Fuelled by these core beliefs, we have worked hard to create a platform that allows for more convenient, high-quality counselling. We have cut costs by automating the administrative tasks and minimizing overhead. We have over fifty psychotherapists who specialize in most areas of mental health. We have developed an advanced matching algorithm to help clients find the right counsellor for their needs. We offer appointments at all times of the day - including evenings and weekends - and there is no waiting room.

And, we have just started. There is a lot more to come.

As we continue to evolve, we aim to bring counselling services to individuals in remote areas. We plan to build partnerships with First Nations and Inuit health organizations, school boards, veteran’s services, and other groups focused on mental health in Canada. We will continue to innovate to make psychotherapy more effective and more affordable.

  • Dr Arash Zohoor
  • Co-Founder
  • CEO
  • Luke Vigeant
  • Co-Founder
  • CTO
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