Why Inkblot?

Inkblot is a complete online video counselling solution with the highest level of security and encryption.

Inkblot is affordable and extremely easy to use. You will be matched with counsellors most suited to your needs. You book your session, which takes place in the comfort of your own home.

We have created the answer to making psychotherapy accessible to the millions of Canadians who are struggling and deserve to feel better.

What is psychotherapy and how does it work?

Psychotherapy is sometimes called “talk therapy”. A trained therapist helps a client remove, change, or more skillfully cope with emotional issues, difficult behaviours, or stressful life situations.

Psychotherapy can help you:

Adjust to a crisis or other current difficulty
Identify negative beliefs and behaviors and replace them with healthy, positive ones
Explore relationships and experiences, and develop positive interactions with others
Find better ways to cope and solve problems Identify issues that contribute to your mental health and change behaviours that make it worse
Regain a sense of satisfaction and control in your life and help ease symptoms, such as hopelessness, anger and excessive worrying Learn to set realistic goals for your life
Develop the ability to tolerate and accept distress using healthier behaviours

How do I know if psychotherapy is working?

Therapy by its very nature is highly subjective and influenced by the varying needs, readiness, and styles of both the client and the therapist. Therapy can be extremely beneficial and even life changing, but it often takes time to work. If you're just getting started, it can be hard to tell in the early stages of therapy how much progress is being made when the results aren’t so obvious.

Learning new skills, increasing self-awareness, and reaching personal goals — all of which are common to the therapeutic process — are typically seen as signs of improvement. Feeling safe, accepted, and respected by your therapist — allowing you to be open with her/him about topics you’ve been thinking about on your own and would like to talk out with someone - is also a sign of improvement. Your symptoms will also lessen or dissipate (e.g., feeling less depressed or less anxious).

Who are the counsellors?

We maintain the highest requirements for our counsellors. They are all highly experienced in various clinical settings. As well, they are members of Colleges as regulated healthcare professionals.

The details of our vetting process is province specific. For example, in Ontario, most of our counsellors are practicing psychotherapists (this not only includes psychotherapists but social workers, psychologists and medical doctors as well) who are members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Members of the CRPO have recently completed recognized graduate-level psychotherapy programs. They are required to demonstrate current experience practicing psychotherapy, must have at least 450 direct client contact hours and 100 hours of supervision. Members also complete required modules and a registration exam.

All Inkblot counsellors have personal interviews before becoming part of the team and our platform uses complex algorithms to monitor effectiveness.

How do you match me with the right counsellor?

Inkblot matches you with counsellors using a unique matching algorithm that takes into account the personal details and preferences that you filled out during registration, as well as the personal details and strengths of each Inkblot counsellor.

What if I’m unhappy with my counsellor?

Therapy by its very nature is highly subjective and influenced by the varying needs, readiness, and styles of both the client and the therapist. Sometimes a client may not be ready for therapy and sometimes the therapist and the client are not a good fit.

If you are unhappy with your counsellor, you can try another counsellor. You will be able to change counsellors any time after registration if you wish to do so, and Inkblot will present you with new matches from which you can choose. It is important that you find the right fit for you.

How does video counselling compare to face-to-face counselling?

Most clients and counsellors find that the screen “disappears” once they are engaged in a session. As well, video counselling has several advantages: it allows you to access counsellors that have had specific training to meet your needs; it is more convenient than seeing a counsellor in their office; and due to automated billing and scheduling, the cost is lower. Over the last several years, multiple large trials have proven that video counselling is as effective and at times more effective than face-to-face counselling.

How is my personal information and privacy protected?

We are strongly committed to security and, from day one, have built Inkblot to be the most protected platform possible today. We have challenged security experts to find ways we could be even more secure and have implemented all of their suggestions.

Your video sessions are not recorded or stored on any server. In fact, they do not go through our servers at all. A military-grade encrypted link is made directly between you and the counsellor for your sessions which bypasses our service.

Likewise, your financial information is not stored on our server. A highly secure platform (called Stripe that is similar to PayPal) handles all the billing and financial transactions. This is the practice of most online payment systems.

Personal information, such as your name, address, and any of your counsellor’s notes, are stored on a dedicated server with its own protected network located in Toronto, Canada. This data is encrypted at the highest possible level and the server is audited regularly to ensure it meets the highest standards of best security practices (SOC 2 certified.) This level of security is used by pharmaceutical companies when storing highly sensitive information.

The Inkblot team does not have access to your sessions. We only can see information needed for administering the site. Even this basic level of information is only accessible to a few employees and their access is regularly audited to ensure security and appropriateness.

In our privacy policy we explicitly make this clear and it legally binds us to not allow any third party (for any reason) to have access to your most basic information.